Al Baraka Electronic And Transactional Banking


The Al Baraka Electronic and Transactional Banking suite of products allows you the freedom to make purchases anywhere and anytime at stores displaying the VISA logo, negating the need to carry cash. It is the convenient way to do banking and furnishing for your daily banking needs.

The Al Baraka Electronic and Transactional Banking products provide you with easy, flexible and affordable banking services 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

What are the Benefits you will enjoy?

  • No transactional fees charged for Point-of-Sale purchases
  • No transactional fees charged for Fuel purchases
  • No monthly subscription fees charged for Internet Banking
  • No transactional fees for Utility Payments at major retail stores
  • Withdraw cash while paying for your shopping and pay low fees for these cash withdrawals, processed at major retail till points
  • Electronic transfers are credited directly to your Al Baraka Electronic Banking Account
  • Reduced banking charges, in-line with Al Baraka’s commitment to providing banking facilities at affordable rates
  • Safe – Replaces the need to carry large amounts of cash
  • Sound – Limit your own withdrawal and purchase amount levels
  • For our customers’ convenience, cash may be deposited at any ABSA branch using the following details:
    • ABSA Account name: Al Baraka Bank Limited
    • ABSA Account number: 4073412216
    • Branch Code: 632005
    • Ref: Your Al Baraka Transactional Banking Account Number, which begins with 786


  • Use your card at any store displaying the VISA logo
  • Draw cash from any Al Baraka Bank ATM and/or any ATM displaying the VISA/Saswitch logo, or from most major retail till points
  • Pay your bills, such as electricity and telephone, at stores which accept such payments and display the VISA logo
  • Pay for fuel purchases at filling stations indicating their acceptance of debit cards

What Documentation do you need to produce?

  • Green bar-coded identity document
  • A utility bill, not older than three months, for verification of your residential address, in line with FICA requirements
  • A completed application form

Contact our branch staff for further FICA information.

Would you like to know More?

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Page last updated: 2022-01-19