Monthly Investment Plan

Al Baraka’s Monthly Investment Plan offers you the ability to structure a savings plan that best suits your needs, enabling you to set saving goals.

What are the benefits you will enjoy?

  • Opportunity to save for specific needs
  • Monthly contributions may be increased (or decreased)
  • Contributions may be made via debit order
  • The choice of electing to have profits paid out or reinvested on maturity

What qualification criteria apply?

  • A minimum deposit of R100 is required to open a Monthly Investment Plan and thereafter a minimum monthly investment of R100
  • Funds invested for a fixed 12-month period

(Note: All cash deposits are subject to a cash deposit fee)

Who should apply for Al Baraka’s Monthly Investment Plan?

  • Businesses or entities wanting to save for future plans

How do you apply?

  • Visit one of our branches country-wide and discuss the Monthly Investment Plan with one of our consultants
  • Complete our application form

What documentation is required?

For further information about ensuring FICA compliance, please click on the tab for legal information or call our Customer Services Centre on 0860 225 786.

Page last updated: 2022-01-19