Participation Account

Al Baraka’s Participation Account is a profit-generating account in which capital is invested for a fixed period. The account is ideal to maximize profit for a range of investment periods – from 7 days to 720 days.

Your investment is placed in a pool together with capital from other investors. At the end of the investment period, you share in the profits generated on a pro-rata basis.

What are the benefits you will enjoy?

  • The flexibility of investment period, from 7 days to 720 days
  • The choice of electing to have profits paid out or reinvested on maturity

What qualification criteria apply?

Investment Period Minimum Deposit
7 Day Account R250 000
35 Day Account R50 000
91 Day Account R1 000
182 Day Account R1 000
365 Day Account R1 000
720 Day Account R10 000

(Note: All cash deposits are subject to a cash deposit fee. Additional deposits allowed at maturity of investment.)

Who should apply for the Participation Account?

  • Businesses or entities looking to earn a return on surplus cash for a fixed period
  • Short, medium or long-term investors

How do you apply?

  • Visit one of our branches country-wide and discuss the Participation Account with one of our consultants
  • Complete our application form

What documentation is required?

For further information about ensuring FICA compliance, please click on the tab for legal information or call our Customer Services Centre on 0860 225 786

Page last updated: 2022-01-19