Al Baraka Bank Keeps Winter's Chills Away With A R115 000 Blanket Drive For The Needy

The bleak months of Winter's icy chill brings misery to South African society's most needy and
vulnerable, people for whom a blanket or a few items of warm clothing is simply beyond their
means, leaving no alternative but to ride-out the season's frosty grip, risking exposure and even
Mr Ebrahim Hassan, Al Baraka Bank's General Manager, said: "Winter is exceptionally difficult for the
destitute and homeless. So many poverty-afflicted families and individuals are just unable to afford
appropriate clothing, blankets or heating. This really is an untenable situation, but a daunting task to
remedy. No matter how daunting, however, our bank recognises the need to act in order to bring
relief to those most in need."
The organisation has committed more than R115 000 for the distribution of 700 warm blankets,
together with socks, gloves, scarves and beanies to those in need in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape
Mr Hassan said: "For many of us, Winter is a time for a new wardrobe of seasonal clothes and a time
to look out at the frost whilst luxuriating in the warmth of our own homes, but we give scant regard
for those living exposed to the real ravages of the cold."
He conceded, however, that the bank's donation merely scratched the surface of a massive problem,
adding: "Meeting the needs of all those facing a bleak and freezing Winter will require a mammoth
effort from society. We are delighted, through our small, though meaningful donation, to play a role
this year, impacting on the plight of at least some of those for whom Winter is a potential killer. Our
intent is to make a difference in the lives of the destitute - no matter how small against the sheer
magnitude of the problem."
Al Baraka Bank has partnered with Darul-Ihsan to facilitate the distribution of its blankets and items
of clothing through four different institutions, one in Durban, two in Johannesburg and one in Cape
In Durban, the bank distributed clothing and 100 blankets, to the value of R25 000, to those in need
in the city and surrounds.
"In addition, in Johannesburg, we have distributed items of warm clothing and a total of 400
blankets to those battling the hinterland's icy weather, whilst in Cape Town we ensured a further
200 blankets and a range of socks, gloves, scarves and beanies were distributed to eager recipients,"
said Mr Hassan.
He added: "Homelessness and destitution is a huge problem in South Africa. It is a challenge beyond
the means of Government alone to resolve. We believe the private sector has an obligation to also
play a role in meeting and beating the socio-economic challenges this country faces. In view of this,

we have in place a Corporate Social Investment programme which focuses on, primarily, health,
education and community upliftment issues."
"Ultimately and in acknowledgment of the fact that ensuring warmth for the destitute is a massive
challenge, we hope that our humble intervention will give some comfort to those we, as a concerned
corporate citizen, have been able to reach this Winter," Mr Hassan concluded.
Issued By: Assegai & Javelin
On Behalf Of: Al Baraka Bank
Media Enquiries: For information about Al Baraka Bank and its clothing and blanket distribution
drive in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town, please contact:
Mr Yunus Paruk, Marketing Manager, Al Baraka Bank
Mobile: 083 786 2675