Social Responsibility Card

FREE banking - No transaction fees apply

  • Activate your Debit Card for Tap & Go for contactless transacting 
  • Earn cash back on purchases made at supporting partners through our simple and rewarding loyalty program. View more details here

The following services are not available on this product

  • Internet banking - prevents funds being transferred to other accounts
  • Secondary card 
  • Cannot spend at non-shariah-compliant vendor
  • Cashbacks – prevents converting charity to cash 

• No Al Baraka Transactional Banking Fees 

• Maintain a minimum account balance of R30

The following documentation is required to apply:

  • letter from the donor organisation to open an Al Baraka Social Responsibility Debit Card Account  
  • South African green bar-coded Identity Document or Smart ID
  •  Proof of address, not older than 3 months, for the verification of your residential address
  • Click here to view all acceptable forms of proof of address required to open an account

With these on hand, you can then contact your nearest branch to apply, or complete the Contact Form on this page for our Sales Consultant to call you

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