Attorney Trust Saver

  • Funds are invested for a fixed period of 35 days and are automatically re-invested on maturity
  • No penalty for early withdrawals
  • No monthly service fees
  • Property guarantees may be generated on Section 86 (4) investments (minimal charges apply)
  • Quick turn-around time on the establishment of guarantees
  • IT3 (b) certificates, individual statements of account and group investment statements are made available
  • Download the Al Baraka SA Banking app to view your investment statements
No minimum deposit amount is required and additional deposits are permitted

The Bank earns profit from its financing activities which are carried out on the basis of Murabaha, Musharaka and Ijarah finance contracts. The profit earned is shared with the investment depositors based on the Bank’s profit distribution model.

Actual profit earned for the month is used to calculate the rate of return to the depositors and can vary month to month

For the month of April 2024 the profit earned was 4.633% (March 2024- 4.632%)

Contact us via the following platforms to find out what documentation is required to invest your trust monies with us:

Tel: 0860 225 786

Or visit your nearest Al Baraka Bank branch.

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