Al Baraka Bank Hosted Successful Career Day 2024: Empowering Youth for Future Success

06 May 2024

Al Baraka Bank is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its Career Day 2024, which took place on May 4th in Ixopo. The event, aimed at empowering youth with invaluable insights and opportunities for future success, was a resounding success.

With the participation of five esteemed schools, totalling over 700 students, Career Day 2024 provided an engaging and enlightening experience. The event served as a platform for students to explore various career paths, gain knowledge about entrepreneurship, and learn about available educational opportunities.

The program featured a lineup of distinguished presenters, including representatives from the municipality, local businesses, BMW, and educational institutions like the Durban University of Technology (DUT). These speakers shared their expertise on topics ranging from bursaries and youth development to entrepreneurship and motivational journeys.

Fathima Mohamed, CSR Officer at Al Baraka Bank, commented on the significance of the event, saying, "Career Day 2024 exemplifies our commitment to supporting and nurturing the aspirations of young people. By providing them with access to information and mentorship, we empower them to chart their paths towards a prosperous future."

Al Baraka was represented by staff, managers and Executive Mr Ebrahim Hassan as well as Director Sane Nyasulu who is Chairman of the Social and Ethics Committee. Ms Nyasulu inspired the students with her journey to becoming a legal professional. 

Interactive engagement activities and breakout sessions allowed students to delve deeper into areas of their interest and interact with industry professionals. Safety and well-being were prioritised, with first aid personnel and security provided throughout the event. All necessary precautions, including obtaining written consent from guardians, were taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees. 

Phumzile Xulu, the Engagement Practitioner from DUT congratulated the team for a successful career day with the Grade 12 learners. ‘This has been a great partnership between DUT, Al Baraka Bank and the Bringer of Light to Young Souls. The event was a fantastic opportunity to inspire and guide Grade 12 learners towards their future paths. We are grateful to all the speakers and the presenters, their support has a positive impact in shaping the learners’ aspirations and providing valuable insights into different career options and contributed to nurturing the next generation of professionals,’ she said.

Al Baraka Bank extends its gratitude to all participating schools, sponsors, and volunteers for their invaluable support in making Career Day 2024 a resounding success. Together, we continue to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders and innovators.