Al Baraka Loyalty Programme




  1. This Loyalty Programme is only applicable at participating butchers listed
  2. Spend R100 or more (up to R5 000) a month and pay for your purchase using your Al Baraka VISA Debit Card to qualify for a 1% cash back
  3. Your Al Baraka Transactional Banking Account will be credited with 1% of your total month purchase up to R5000 on the 10th of the following month, and reflected on your Statement with the reference “ Loyalty Reward Program”. You will receive as sms notification advising you of the rewards earned,
  4. This Loyalty Rewards Program is applicable to all Point of Sale (“POS”) transactions but excludes card not present transactions and cash backs/withdrawals.
  5. This Loyalty Rewards Program is open to Al Baraka Bank’s Debit Card holders having active Transactional Banking Accounts, however, limited to Individuals falling within the following categories:-
    • Classic
    • Pensioner
    • Istart
    • Foreigner
    • staff
  6. You can make any number of purchases at any participating Butchery using your Al Baraka Debit Card in order to qualify for the loyalty cash back reward of 1 % (one percent) subject to the following limitations:
    • A minimum spend of R100.00 (One Hundred Rand) per transaction;
    • A cumulative maximum spend must not exceed R5000 (Five Thousand Rand) per month;
    • The cash back reward will be credited directly to your Transactional Banking account, and is not transferrable, and cannot be exchanged for cash at the Bank or any participating Butchery.
  7. The Loyalty Rewards Program will commence on 16 November 2020 and terminate on 31 January 2021, or may continue for a further extended period/s as may be determined.
  8. All Al Baraka Bank Transactional Banking Classic Account clients are automatically included into the Loyalty Programme. Classic Account clients that do not wish to participate in the programme, are required to email [email protected] or call 0860225786, to be excluded from the Loyalty Rewards Programme.
  9. Only the following transactions will qualify for the loyalty reward: POS Purchase, POS Purchase VISA local, Contactless POS Purchase VISA local, and Contactless POS Purchase Interbank.
  10. Card not present transactions, cash backs and any other transactions will not qualify for the 1% loyalty reward.
  11. The Bank will not be liable to:-

      11.1 reimburse you for any cash transactions upon presentation of a purchase of sale device slip or store receipt as all transactions must be electronically processed using the Al Baraka Debit Card.

      11.2 address any queries pertaining to service delivery and quality of services offered at any of the participating Butcheries, including issues relating to the quality of the food purchased etc. You will be required to forward such queries directly to the Butchery concerned for required action and address.

  12. The Loyalty Reward shall be calculated and credited only if reflected on your Transactional Banking Account Statement.
  13. All participating clients will be bound to the Terms and Conditions as regulated by the Bank from time to time.

Page last updated: 2021-04-08