For your convenience the following options exist to add funds to your Investment Account. Please ensure that you use your Investment Account Number as a Reference when making a deposit. Your Investment Account Number is located on your statement.

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Electronic Funds Transfer

Bank : Al Baraka Bank Limited
Account Number : 78617861786
Branch Code : 800 000
Reference : (Investment Account Number)

Cash Deposits at an ABSA Branch

Bank : ABSA Branch
Account Number : 4073412216
Account Name : Albaraka Bank
Branch Code : 632005
Reference : As currently used when making your deposit

Cash Deposits at an Al Baraka Branch

Account Number : (Investment Account Number)

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  • All cash deposits are subject to cash deposit fees as per the fee structure.
  • To assist us with allocating your funds efficiently please use the reference quoted on your statement.

Terms and Conditions

Al Baraka Bank shall not accept funds prior to the completion of the customer identification and verification process. To comply with such process, the client is obliged to provide Al Baraka Bank with original Customer Identification and Verification documentation for the identity of the client to be established and verified prior to any transactions being processed. Funds deposited prior to completion of the Customer Identification and Verification process shall be deemed to be “unsolicited” and the Bank reserves its right to freeze such funds in the following instances:

  1. In the event of funds being deposited prior to the completion of the Customer Identification and Verification process.
  2. If there are material discrepancies/anomalies between the electronically transmitted client identification and verification documents and the original client identification documents received by the Bank at a later stage.

In no event will Albaraka Bank Limited, its shareholders, directors, officers, employees and agents or any third party be liable to the Client in relation to the banking details for deposits form or the freezing of funds due to the Clients non-compliance of the Bank’s Customer Identification and Verification process for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages (including without limitation loss of profit, loss of business opportunity, loss of revenues or savings, loss of data or cost of mitigating lost data) whether based on contract or any other legal claim.

Although Albaraka Bank Limited endeavours to maintain the highest possible accuracy level concerning the material provided by the client to be accessed, the accuracy of the material remains entirely at your own risk.

Albaraka Bank Limited makes no presentations or warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied to the accuracy of the contents of the documents provided by the Client.