Personal Monthly Investment Plan

  • The Monthly Investment Plan is for individuals wanting to save for future plans 
  • Opportunity to save for specific needs
  • Monthly contributions may be increased (or decreased)
  • Contributions may be made via debit order
  • The choice of electing to have profits paid out or reinvested on maturity
  • Download the Al Baraka SA Banking app to view your investment statement
  • A minimum deposit of R100 is required to open a Monthly Investment Plan and thereafter a minimum monthly investment of R100.
  • Funds invested for a fixed 12-month period.
  • All deposits and withdrawals will be subject to Al Baraka's banking fees
  • Click here to view fees applicable 01 July 2023
  • Click here to view fees applicable 01 July 2024

The Bank earns profit from its financing activities which are carried out on the basis of Murabaha, Musharaka and Ijarah finance contracts. The profit earned is shared with the investment depositors based on the Bank’s profit distribution model.

Actual profit earned for the month is used to calculate the rate of return to the depositors and can vary month to month.

For the month of June 2024 the profit earned was 5.151% (May 2024 - 5.151%)

The following documentation is required to apply:


  • South African bar-coded Identity Document/Smart ID
  • Proof of address not older than 3 months, for the verification of your residential address


  • Birth Certificate of minor or Smart ID for young adults age 16 and over
  • South African bar-coded Identity Document/Smart ID and proof of address not older than 3 months of parent or guardian, for the verification of their residential address

Click here to view all acceptable forms of proof of address required to open an account

With these on hand, you can then contact your nearest branch to apply, or complete the Contact Form on this page for our Sales Consultant to call you

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